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halloweeeeenEl pasado 30 de octubre, con motivo de la celebración de Halloween, la Academia de Inglés Eurocollege realizó un concurso de disfraces y relatos en nuestro centro de Chiclana. Los participantes entregaron sus historias de terror según sus niveles de estudios, y los ganadores fueron galardonados con un fantástico Diccionario Cambridge Pocket con CD-ROM incluido.

Hoy, para homenajear a los vencedores, os traemos los relatos que resultaron galardonados en cada categoría:

Level 4: Lucía (Chiclana) – “The Mystery Lake”
The mystery lake is very big and different. Andrea was walking in the forest and she stood in the mystery lake. Then a frog appeared and said:

-Welcome to this fantastic world.

And Andrea came in by the door. She was surprised to see this scary world. She wanted to run away from the lake but she couldn’t because the frog turned into a wizard who wanted to kill Andrea to have her blood and the girl didn’t know anything, but she was a werewolf.

Finally, she found a boy. He also tried to escape a long time ago. Andrea and the boy secretly read all the wizard’s books and managed to unite their powers to go back to a house, but the wizard got the blood of the boy and he died. Andrea could not leave. Could she come out on the day of Halloween with the help of the spirit of his friend?

Level 5: Cristina (Chiclana) – “The Haunted Necklace”
It was a stormy day. A perfect day for Halloween. María was in her bed bored. Suddenly, she heard a noise in the attic. She went up and, then, María opened an old chest. When she opened it, she found out a beautiful purple necklace. She put it in her hand and then, the telephone rang.

-Hey!- said Verónica, her best friend.
-Hello! What’s the matter, Vero?-said María.
-Do you want to go to the cinema at eight o’clock?
-Okay, I have to show you my new necklace, it’s so beautiful!
-Perfect! We are going to see “In the Middle of the Dark”
-Okay, bye!

When they hung up, María put her telephone in her bed and then she had a shower. At eight o’clock, María and Verónica went to the cinema. At the end of the film, Maria’s necklace began to shine, and suddenly three characters went out of the film. Everybody went out running.
María and Verónica went to María’s house very fast, and when they arrived, María shouted “Mom!Mom!”

-What? – said her mother very frightened.
-At last something. Three…
-What are you doing with that necklace?!

Then, her mother snatched the necklace from her neck.

-Sorry, I have to go to my house-said Verónica, with a nervous face.
-Ok – said María.

María and her mother went to the kitchen.

-María, this necklace is special. It is haunted. On Halloween this necklace returns to live. It was kept to protect you.
-Oh… Three characters went out of a film.
-Okay… – said her mother with a sigh. You have to catch them.
-And what do I have to do?
-When you see them you have to say “Go back to the film”. But you have to do this before ten o´clock. And it’s a quarter to nine.

María went to the cinema and she saw a character and she said “Go back to the film” and the character disappeared.

-Oh no! It’s ten to ten!

María saw the second character and she caught it. She saw the last character but she only had one minute!
María ran very fast to the character and she said “Go back to the film”. Then, all was dark.
María woke up very frightened.

-María, I’m here. Everything is like it used to be.
-But, where is the necklace?-asked María.
-The necklace disappeared –said her mother. But I think it is destroyed.
-Ufff…-said María.

But they didn’t know that the necklace wasn’t destroyed…


Level 6: María (Chiclana) – “The damn picture”
Once upon a time, a girl called Lucy who lived in New York with her father James, her mother Susi, her brother John and her little brother Robert, always was sad because her father always traveled a lot. At the end her father was assigned to a far village in the North of England. While he was driving, in the middle of the road, he saw a spirit. He was a clown. When they were in the house they were surprised because the house was made of wood, very old and it was in the middle of the forest. They went in the house and they saw a scary picture of a sad clown (the same they had seen in the road) he was painting the number five, the same number of members the family had.

The following week there was a tragic accident when Robert was going to pick up the kids from school. He died. When Susi woke up, she went so quickly to the school to pick up their children. She went in the house with the kids, immediately John saw that the clown’s picture didn’t point five, it pointed four. Two months later Robert, Lucy and John went to a trip to climb mountains to southern England. While Susi was working, she got a message from the children’s teacher, in this message they said that they had had an accident with the bus and only three kids were saved, but not her children. While Susi was going to the mountain, her car and the car of a drunk collided.

Eventually, the family’s lawyer went to pick up the things of the house to sell it again. When he went into the house, he saw the clown’s picture pointing to a zero, and he was smiling.
Some people say that this story isn’t true. But I don’t trust them much.

The End.

¡Enhorabuena a los ganadores! Aunque hay que añadir que el jurado lo tuvo bastante difícil a la hora de seleccionarlos dado el gran nivel de nuestros alumnos, pese a su corta edad. Si quieres ser el próximo protagonista en nuestro blog, ¡no te olvides de participar en los próximos concursos! Y si te gusta nuestra manera diferente de enseñar inglés, pídenos información en cualquiera de nuestros centros repartidos en la bahía de Cádiz.

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